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26 February 2021
silbury antiques
silbury antiques
Due to death in family all order will be delayed or refunded.
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All our usual opportunities for acquiring stock have for obvious reasons been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. If you have some items you think we would be interested in then send images to in the first instance. We will then contact with an offer. All transactions Will be undertaken at the appropriate distance.
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26 Feb 2021 18:17:30
Due to death in family all orders will be delayed or refunded
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We continue to offer free postage to all UK addresses on all orders with value £30.00. or more.
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We are always delighted to hear from our international customers. Please click here for important info before ordering.
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Silbury Antiques Frequently Asked Questions

Elapsed time since we went live: 8 years, 89 days, 17 hours, 17 mins.
Elapsed time since latest update/restart: 39 days, 0 hours, 47 mins.

Who or what are Silbury Antiques?

We are a small business, located in Wiltshire in the UK. We mainly restore old door and window furniture although any small item of architectural metal work is fair game. We do not have a bricks and mortar shop and sell exclusively through our web site which is designed, developed and maintained entirely in house using exclusively Free and Open Source Software.

Why Silbury Antiques when some of what you sell is not 'antique'

Silbury Antiques and the domain name first appeared in the early 21st century (c 2008). We started out as general antique dealers from a background in furniture restoration and the domain name was first used to point to our antiques web site. When we decided to specialise in door furniture we did a ground up re-design and re-build of the site which went live at 1.00am on December 1st 2012. See above for the actual elapsed time since going live with version 1.0. Anybody who knows anything about trading online knows that the first few years are the hardest and we didn't want to lose our existing audience by changing our domain name. If we list something that is not in our opinion an antique we always state as such in the listing. We are certainly not trying to 'fool' anyone.

How do you decide what is worth restoring and listing on your web site

Our reclaim philosophy is quite simple. If something has been used before and we think it is of suitable quality and in a usable condition we will list it. A lot of what we list is antique ( >= 100 years old). The reason it is still around is that was usually built to last. Not everything modern is poor quality, if we find a 'modern' item (generally later that 1960) that has been used before and is suitable for reuse we will list it. We also like to think we are doing our small bit to save the planet.

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