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25 February 2021
silbury antiques
silbury antiques
Due to death in family all order will be delayed or refunded.
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Currently, by default all sold items are displayed along with the available (unsold) ones. To hide the sold items, click the link.
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This currently works for categories and searches for this session.
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We Are Buying
All our usual opportunities for acquiring stock have for obvious reasons been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. If you have some items you think we would be interested in then send images to in the first instance. We will then contact with an offer. All transactions Will be undertaken at the appropriate distance.
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25 Feb 2021 07:07:16
Due to death in family all orders will be delayed or refunded
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We continue to offer free postage to all UK addresses on all orders with value £30.00. or more.
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We are always delighted to hear from our international customers. Please click here for important info before ordering.
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What is beta testing?
When we develop a new feature for our site, for example, when we added the ability to provide a delivery address that is different from your primary address, we need to test the new feature to see that it works as expected. Testing is a crucial part of the development process and a great deal of effort is expended to ensure that there are no surprises when you use the new functionality. However, it is a well known fact that regardless of how well something is tested in the 'closed' environment of the development version[s] it is often the case that when the new feature is deployed 'in the wild' new and unforseen problems can arise. Beta testing is the process of releasing a new feature so that it can be tested by the 'real' users of the system in real time, in the real world. If you find a problem with anything marked as [beta] and you inform us of it and we can reproduce it we will reward you with a 20% discount off your next order.

If you have found a bug and can reproduce it send an e-mail to once we have validated the bug (once we have reproduced it) we will send you a token to use the next time you checkout your cart.

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