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Ancient Antique Lion Mask
uid: 5853, price: £35.00
Antique Iron Lion Mask Things, pair
uid: 5851, price: £64.00
Wrythen Brass Finials, four in the set
uid: 5826, price: £60.00
Solid Brass Finial, whatever you need, pair
uid: 5726, price: £28.00
Cast Iron Embellishment
uid: 5106, price: £10.00
Wrought Iron Candle Holder, barn fresh
uid: 5090, price: £30.00
Cast Iron and Glass Cabinet Feet, set of four
uid: 2989, price: £65.00
Antique Cast Iron Fencing Part
uid: 2977, price: £25.00
Cast Iron Furnace Supports, set of four
uid: 2608, price: £60.00
Brass furniture mount or garniture
uid: 1346, price: £5.00
Brass furniture mount or garniture
uid: 1345, price: £5.00
Decorative cast iron door stop
uid: 1310, price: £45.00
Solid brass pine cone finials
uid: 1146, price: £15.00