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Reclaimed Sash Window Catches, job lot bargain set
uid: 7102, price: £55.00
Antique Sash Window Catch, pink brass
uid: 7083, price: £32.00
Antique Sash Window Catch, cast brass
uid: 7082, price: £34.00
Antique Sash Window Catch, Gibbons
uid: 7081, price: £38.00
Solid brass reclaimed lockable casement stay
uid: 6547, price: £28.00
Antique Brass Sash Window Catch
uid: 6487, price: £28.00
Reclaimed Sash Lifts, long run, minimalist pair
uid: 6242, price: £8.00
Brass Sash Window Lifts, reclaimed pair
uid: 5952, price: £12.00
Antique Casement Catch, just the one unfortunately
uid: 5792, price: £15.00
Miniature Sash Window Catch
uid: 5692, price: £15.00
Brass sash lifts, pair
uid: 5536, price: £12.00
Casement Window Stay, restrict opening
uid: 5442, price: £28.00
Beehive Sash Catch, solid brass
uid: 5379, price: £18.00
Original Art Deco Window Furniture, set
uid: 5025, price: £48.00
Something to do with Windows
uid: 3864, price: £12.00
Victorian Brass Geared Roof Vent Drives by Gibbons
uid: 3839, price: £65.00
Lockable Iron Casement Stay
uid: 3608, price: £28.00
Sash Lifts, solid cast brass, pair
uid: 3576, price: £28.00
Iron and Brass Skylight Window Mechanism
uid: 3148, price: £35.00
Antique Sash Window Pulleys, Brass faced
uid: 2299, price: £28.00
Solid Brass Skylight Window Openers
uid: 1970, price: £15.00
Cast iron casement stay
uid: 1143, price: £20.00