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Bakelite Mortice Knobs, Original and Genuine pair
uid: 6557, price: £25.00
Heavy Brass Door Knobs, copper embellished pair
uid: 6540, price: £55.00
Gothic Style Iron Handle, reclaimed
uid: 6473, price: £28.00
Plastic Fantastic Fish Handles, good quality pair
uid: 6432, price: £65.00
Rosewood door knobs, brass trimmed pair
uid: 6311, price: £32.00
Bronze Door Knob with oversize back plate
uid: 6218, price: £25.00
Some More Extraordinary Brass Door Knobs, pair
uid: 6095, price: £55.00
Brass Door Knobs, distressed pair
uid: 6070, price: £25.00
High Quality Door Knobs, patented pair
uid: 6016, price: £45.00
Round Cast Iron Door Handles, pair
uid: 5946, price: £32.00
Brass Trimmed Rosewood Door Knobs, pair
uid: 5561, price: £35.00
Pink Brass Doorknobs, quality pair
uid: 5439, price: £45.00
Bakelite Door Knobs, Art Deco set
uid: 5211, price: £175.00
Bakelite Lever Handles, spring loaded pair
uid: 5140, price: £25.00
Bronze or Pink Brass Door Knobs, large pair
uid: 5120, price: £38.00
Interesting Iron Door Handles, pair
uid: 5061, price: £38.00
Pink Brass Door Knobs, long run, top quality pair
uid: 4972, price: £40.00
Elegant Cast Brass door knobs, pair
uid: 4911, price: £38.00
Glass Door Knobs, A good secure fit
uid: 4811, price: £35.00
Bronze Door Knobs, not antique, pair
uid: 4796, price: £38.00
Bakelite door knobs, privacy snib, pair
uid: 4640, price: £35.00
Bakelite Door Knobs, privacy snib, pair
uid: 4616, price: £35.00
Bakelite door handles Iris brand, pair
uid: 4601, price: £35.00
Brass door furniture, reversible lock, complete set
uid: 4596, price: £110.00
Bronze door knobs, unusual pair
uid: 4511, price: £45.00
Oval Bronze or Pink Brass Door Knobs, pair
uid: 4400, price: £35.00
Antique Bronze Door Knobs, Rescued pair
uid: 4287, price: £35.00
Bakelite Latch Set, complete set of seven
uid: 4040, price: £245.00
Brass Door Knobs, lightweight pair
uid: 3913, price: £35.00
Cast Aluminium Oval Door Knobs, full set of eight pairs
uid: 3549, price: £225.00
Cast Bronze Mortice Lock Knob Set, pair
uid: 3509, price: £35.00
Bronze Door Knobs, High Quality pair
uid: 3373, price: £48.00
Bakelite Lever Handles, pair
uid: 3360, price: £28.00
Bronze Door Knobs, Solid Cast, pair
uid: 3336, price: £32.00
Wrought iron door handles, heavy pair
uid: 3189, price: £28.00
Solid Bronze Door Knobs, pair
uid: 3074, price: £35.00
Brass Lever Handles, minimalist, pair
uid: 3049, price: £28.00
Bronze or Pink Brass Door Knobs, pair
uid: 2978, price: £45.00
Unusual Copper on Brass Door Knobs, pair
uid: 2882, price: £55.00
Reclaimed Cast Iron Door Knobs, pair
uid: 2191, price: £28.00
Polished steel mortice knob set, pair
uid: 1340, price: £30.00