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Suffolk Latch, ingenious dual handedness
uid: 7133, price: £42.00
Brass Catch, another strange one
uid: 7122, price: £18.00
Teeny Tiny Antique Brass Ball Catch
uid: 7114, price: £12.00
High Quality Brass Catch, any handed
uid: 6623, price: £15.00
Antique Brass Trimmed Iron Cupboard Catch
uid: 6552, price: £18.00
Antique Brass Trimmed Iron Cupboard Catch
uid: 6371, price: £18.00
Edwardian Bronze Suffolk Latch, furnish your door
uid: 6289, price: £95.00
Solid Brass Transom Catch, multiple uses
uid: 6288, price: £21.00
Mystery Item, It really is a mystery
uid: 6005, price: £8.00
Weird but Useful Door Furniture Chimera
uid: 5963, price: £62.00
Reclaimed solid Brass Cupboard Catch
uid: 5932, price: £15.00
Interesting Spring Loaded Brass Catches
uid: 5675, price: £15.00
Bronze Catch, Gibbons Patent
uid: 5396, price: £15.00
Very Old Iron Gate Latch, well weathered
uid: 5089, price: £28.00
Suffolk Latch, A marriage made in Wiltshire
uid: 4816, price: £45.00
Brass Latch, chain operated, spring loaded
uid: 4481, price: £48.00
Unusual Brass Catch, Quality Item
uid: 4129, price: £25.00
Unusual Cast Iron Thing
uid: 3787, price: £12.00
Large Spring Loaded Bronze Catch, Gibbons
uid: 3274, price: £28.00
Bakelite Cupboard Door Knob, original and genuine
uid: 3221, price: £15.00
Brass and Hardwood Cupboard Door Catch
uid: 3180, price: £15.00
Antique Iron Combined Catch and Pull
uid: 2901, price: £45.00
Reclaimed brass cupboard catch
uid: 1464, price: £15.00
Cast metal box catches, pair, unusual
uid: 1036, price: £25.00