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Full details for Antique Bronze Door Knobs, Rescued pair

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Backplate diameter: 6 cms
Diameter: 4.5 cms
Projection: 7.8 cms
Item uid: 4287
Availability: 1 pair
Price: £35
It might surprise you to know that the first thing we think about when looking at door furniture in need of rescue is not `how much money can we make out of this` but `is this actually salvageable`? This pair of knobs was in such a desperate state of repair that we couldn't even tell what they were made from. The clip was rusted to the spindle which was so badly corroded that it had expanded onto the knobs making it very difficult to remove without damaging the handles. However we persevered and eventually got the thing to bits, we replaced the spindle with a reclaimed item, removed what looked like years of lime scale build up from the knobs and polished them, we replace the clip with a brand new one and ended up with what you see here, a super quality pair of solid cast bronze or pink brass door knobs complete with their original backplates that will last at least another lifetime. Plenty of surface character has been left as found reflecting the interesting life these have so obviously led.