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Silbury Antiques

Silbury Antiques is based in Wiltshire in the west of the UK a short distance from the ancient and mysterious Silbury Hill (hence the name, Silbury Antiques). We don’t currently have a shop but we do occasionally do antique fairs. We will publish dates for these events as we arrange them.

Our Products

We do not sell ‘new’ items

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All our stock is reclaimed and restored in our own workshops. Not everything we sell is antique in the accepted sense of the word (100 or more years old) but we don`t generally sell items made after 1960.

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If we are sure that an item is antique we will state as much however as many old metalwork items are undated (and effectively undatable) it is not always possible to be certain. It should be noted that as all our items have had a previous life they may exhibit evidence of past usage.

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This could be in the form of surface blemishes such as minor dents and scratches. We will always endevour to describe any such imperfections however we will never list anything that is not fit for purpose. If you have any questions please contact us